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home accents remodeling lakewood ranch

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Payment terms of remodeling packages are as follows; If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us contact@umbare.com or (833) 986-2273


50% On Approval and Signature of "Remodel Contract"

50% On Completion and Warranty

For refund information please see "Refund Policy"

Details Contained Within the "Remodeling Contract"


The Owner shall pay to the Remodeler a total fixed sum of equal to the remodel package chosen as well as any additional cost, upgrades, or third party services required to complete the remodel in accordance with the following provisions, and the terms of the "Remodel Contract".


The deposit shall be retained by the Remodeler and applied against the amount due for the final payment. If the Owner(s) should default on the Contract, a portion of the Deposit equal to _100_% Percent of the deposit price may be retained by the Remodeler as liquidated damages at his sole option. Since actual damages would be difficult to precisely determine, it is agreed by the parties that this is a reasonable estimate of the damage that the Remodeler would incur if the Owner(s) defaulted. The Remodeler shall be entitled to apply the Deposit as follows: (a) first, toward payment of all labor performed, including the Remodeler’s margin of profit, and payment of all installed or non-returnable materials on order, as of the date of default, (b) then to the extent that funds remain, toward the amount of liquidated damages.


A final payment of 50% (Remainder) plus any additional amounts due for unpaid change orders, unforeseen site condition expenses, escalation charges or fuel surcharges, shall be due and payable upon approval of final inspection by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), or if there be none, upon a certificate signed by the Remodeler that the home improvement is substantially complete., Delivery of the "Craftsmanship Warranty".


Any payment due to the Remodeler in whole or in part that remains unpaid for more than ten days past the payment due date shall incur interest on the unpaid balance at the rate of 9.9% per annum until paid.

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