Sanctuary at home. Let’s take a moment to think about the word Sanctuary. It’s a sacred or holy place; or a room that gives refuge; an area that protects and gives shelter;  your space that is peaceful and tranquil… Where is your Sanctuary?  One of the best places for sanctuary at home is the bathroom. Never forget that there is one room in the house in which you can always have sanctuary. If you’re feeling frazzled or simply need time to ponder and muse, take yourself and your thoughts to your Luxury Bathroom Remodel – your sanctuary at home.

Sanctuary At Home
Sanctuary Master bath with bathtub and fireplace

All the great ancient cultures have traditions of sensual and soulful bathing.  The Egyptians adored it, as did the Romans who built their famous baths on Egyptian prototypes.

A Middle Eastern hammam is a place of spiritual and physical rejuvenation while in Japan, bathing is elevated to the status of a cult – a meditative experience that cleanses mind as much as body.

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Have Umbarè Build Your Sanctuary. You’re Only One Call Away!

Close your eyes and listen to my voice. Light the candles, light the incense. Shut the lights and turn on the meditation music. Feel your feet touch the marble floor beneath you. Listen to the water running from the soaking tub faucet as you walk closer and closer. Now step into your Umbarè Bathroom Remodel sanctuary.

Sanctuary At Home
Sanctuary modern bathroom design. Glass enclosed marble tile shower with vanity and double sink counter.

His/Hers Vanity 

Double Vanity, Luxury Tile. Step into that shower. This is another one of your sanctuaries. Let the rain fall on you. The overhead “Rain” shower head is amazing. It completely relaxes you. You’ve felt as if you’ve escaped, but you’re only in your bathroom! Your remodeled luxury bathroom. The His/Hers vanities bathroom. It’s a great way to have personal space in the bath. Everyone needs it. No more sharing that one vanity mirror. More space to look at your face. A luxury bathroom is a plus. You can find one on Umbarè‘s Bathroom Remodel Packages if you don’t have one already.   


Umbarè Basics Bathroom Remodeling Package

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Product Details

Umbarè Basics Bathroom Remodeling Package

$12,879.00 Complete*

Umbarè Bathroom remodeling packages deliver luxurious quality remodel choices affordably and quickly. Umbarè Bathroom Remodel Packages are Installed in weeks, NOT months. Using the highest quality products and materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and a Umbarè Craftsmanship Warranty, your new Bathroom is just a click away!

Bathroom Basics Options

Professional Removal of Current Bathroom Materials

Demolition and Removal from Home.

Environmentally Friendly Removal of Waste Materials in Accordance with Regulatory Guidelines for Construction and Debris (C&D).

Licensed and Insured Umbarè Professionals

Florida State Certified Building Contractor - #1263140 VERIFY

Licensed and Insured Plumbers and Electricians.

Building, Plumbing, and Electrical Permits if Required

Any and all Permits Required by Local and State Building Codes will be Included.

Professional Commercial Cleaners Upon Completion

Upon Completion Licensed and Insured Commercial Cleaners will Professionally Clean your Entire Home.

Stunning Tile Flooring

Basic Package includes Quality Tile Flooring. Porcelain or Luxury Vinyl Tile of your Choice.

Vanities, Countertops, Sink and Faucets

Basic Package Includes One (1) Vanity of Appropriate Size for Bathroom. Stone Countertop, Sink and Faucet of your Choice.

Note: Maximum Square Footage of Basic Package is 75 sq.ft.

Custom Tile Tub or Shower

Basic Package Includes a Choice of Luxury Tile to your Existing Bathtub or Shower.

Bathtub Surround - Luxury Tile Applied to the Walls Above Existing Bathtub in your Choice of Colors and Patterns.

Shower - Showers will have Luxury Tile Applied to Walls and to Floor of Shower in your Choice of Colors and Patterns.

Beautiful Tub and Shower Hardware (Handles, Faucets and Showerheads)

Basic Package Includes Quality Plumbing Fixtures of your Choice.

Bathtub - Includes New Handle, Faucet and Showerhead

Shower - Includes New Handle Hardware and Showerhead (Single).


Basic Package Includes the Installation of a New Commode of your Choice.


Basic Package Includes New Lighting of your Choice Above the Vanity.

The Details - Vanity Mirror, Paper Dispenser and Towel Rack

Basic Package Includes your Choice of Designer Mirror, Paper Dispenser, and Matching Towel Rack.

Painting of Walls and Trim

Basic Package Includes Paint by Sherwin-Williams® in the Color of your Choice to Walls and Trim.

Plumbing Disconnect and Reconnect

Plumbing Disconnect and Reconnect is ALWAYS Included in Umbarè Home Remodel Packages.

If Plumbing is to be moved during remodel there is an additional cost for this. Please see "Bathroom Plumbing Move" package for cost.

Electrical Disconnect and Reconnect

Electrical Disconnect and Reconnect is ALWAYS Included in Umbarè Home Remodel Packages.

If Electrical is to be moved during remodel there is an additional cost for this. Please see "Bathroom Electrical Move" package for cost.

Umbarè Warranty on Craftsmanship

All Work is Covered by the Umbarè Craftsmanship Warranty.

Products Warranties - Products installed in Bathroom Remodel Packages are Covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty. Installation of Products is Covered under the Umbarè Craftsmanship Warranty.

Product Selection Resources

If you have any questions about your Umbarè Bathroom Remodel we will be happy to cover all topics during the pre-remodel visit!

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