Luxury Vinyl Tile Accessory Add-On

Umbare will remove your old flooring, whether it be carpet, LVT or tile. However, we do not remove hardwood flooring or any other flooring substrate that has been applied with pliable adhesive.

During the replacement and installation process of new flooring, baseboards and other flooring replacement products the existing waste will need to be disposed of. Umbare uses only environmentally approved waste removal and recycling service providers.

Umbare offers a simple and quality finish if you do not wish to have your baseboards boards removed and replaced. Luxury Vinyl Tile can be abutted to the existing baseboards and a small quarter round trim piece, matched to the flooring, or in a color of your choice can be placed at the seems to create a quality finished look!

Umbare will remove and replace your current baseboards for the highest quality fitment when installing LVT, Porcelain and Ceramic Tile, Natural Stone, and all other flooring systems sold by Umbare Home Remodel Online!

NOTE: Luxury Vinyl Tile, (LVT) does not require baseboard replacement. See LVT FAQ's for more.

If you have additional questions as to the application of the LVT product, do not worry! We will be happy to answer all your questions when we do our site visit.

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