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Umbarè Home Remodel Online, (Bella Casa Ultimate Designs Inc), was founded in 2006 by Dan Tripoli. After getting married in 2012, Dan and Jessica’s desire to create unique, quality home remodels, using superior products and craftsmanship is what brought this Lakewood Ranch Florida company to the next level.


Appearing on Animal Planet's "Insane Pools", and A&E Network's "Flip Wars", Umbare's home remodeling commitment to craftsmanship has defined the company’s reputation for quality, rooted in design, affordability, professionalism, and customer service.

Family Roots

Together, Dan and Jessica Tripoli formed Umbarè. The meaning behind this name is significant to them. UMBARÈ - Umb (stands for the first 3 letters of Dan’s late brother's name – Umberto & arè is the last 3 letters of Dan’s late father’s name - Gasparè). The company colors are Purple, Blue and Black. Purple represents the awareness color for Alzheimer’s disease for Jessica’s late Grandmother Sherry. Black represents the awareness color for Melanoma for Dan’s late uncle Nino. Everything in this new brand has a meaning that they hold dear to their hearts, from the name to the colors.

Evolution or Revolution?

In 2019 Umbarè set out to change the way remodels where purchased, the cost, the process, and transparency of the home remodeling. A platform, IOS, and Windows apps that would collectively educate the home remodel buyer without all the traditional headaches. For the first time, a home remodeling web site would provide complete transparency with regards to the total cost, with no hidden fees. Show the products used, describe the process and what is included, and create a timeline all while guaranteeing the work. This experience allows homeowners to shop their remodeling projects from the comfort of their home, selecting design items at their leisure while seeing in real-time the total cost of the remodel.

Proven Experience

Finally, with over 15 years of luxury home remodeling experience in the greater Sarasota, Florida area, Umbarè leverages their expertise, buying power, and online customer experience to save their customers time and money! Umbarè promises delivery of your home remodels in weeks, not months. All are completed at a price that cannot be matched industry-wide for the quality of products used and the craftsmanship applied. An industry first, Umbarè then stands firmly behind the spaces we create with a Craftsmanship Warranty.

We're Here to Help!

Umbarè Home Remodel Online is the solution to home remodeling projects that can seem overwhelming. Choose the room, select the products, and click to buy or submit it for a free in-home consult. Once submitted an Umbarè professionally licensed and insured contractor will visit your home, confirm your order, and begin the work. Your designs, the best products, superior craftsmanship, delivered affordably and FAST. That's been Dan's way for over 15 years, and now, it is the Umbarè way!

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