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The Best Colors to Paint Your Home in 2020

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to remodel, then part of your process may be to repaint your home. So,  Repainting your home is the easiest way to help your space feel bright and new quickly. Often, the selection of available colors can feel overwhelming. So, if you need for some paint inspiration, read on to learn more about the best colors to paint your home for 2020.

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Classic Blue

First, the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue. The top trendy color for home paint in 2020 is Classic Blue because of its cultured and thought-provoking features. This look will make your home feel expensive and cozy.


Second, white is the next trendy shade for 2020.  White on white everything is a big interior design style for the New Year. This color helps a space feel big, breathable, and fresh. Also, white allows you to get experimental with your home decor choices.


Next up is blush. This color is also known as millennial pink. In fact, Blush grew to fame in 2016. Use Blush pink to create accents in your home, or you can paint entire walls in this soft and soothing pink color. Blush makes a space feel chic and ‘of the times.’

Burnt Orange

Another trending color for 2020 is burnt orange. When used in moderation, Burnt orange adds a pop of color into any space! Whether you want to paint an accent wall, a door, or a shelving unit, burnt orange is an excellent option to create a vivid and welcoming room!


Finally, you might consider peacock if you’re going for a more moody feel in your home. Peacock is a hue that combines blue, charcoal, and off-black for a dark and sensitive color. This combo can help a room feel rich and invigorating.

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