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Why DIY – Hire A Pro To Paint Your Home!

Why DIY when you can hire a Pro! DIY has become a trend. Confidence in creativity has been put upon people, well that’s what they think because things aren’t as easy as they seem. That room that needs a new look – that one room that needs a new mood.

On Your Own

Painting a room is not easy, there are many steps and a DIY can be a BIG MESS.  So forget that idea and call Umbarè Home Remodeling and get the job done right! Why DIY House Painting Home Painting Room Painting interior exterior accent wall near meThere are a lot of things that go into painting a room, but you think, “ehh it’s just one room”. No –  this one room is a PROJECT.  But now you can find interior paint packages with Umbarè‘s Home Remodeling online! Not only do they work with Sherwin-Williams paint, they work with accent walls.  So now lets get into this project that you thought would be easy and quick on your own.

why DIY House Painting Home Painting Room Painting interior exterior accent wall near meVision

We have people with simple taste and people with unique taste. So which one are you? Because unique makes it more intricate and not just simple. Picking the right color for the right vision is very important. Some colors might not look good for every project. Then you have to think about different factors and what room would this fit best in? Do I need to change everything else in the room? etc. etc. Or, this new project is for a blank canvas, an empty room.  A new creation.  A 12 x 12, all to your creative self project.

Color, Tools and Materials

Begin by going to your local hardware store, or to a home improvement retail store near you to grab color paint chip samples, tools and materials for a DIY project.  For best quality work, get best quality tools.  Next spend money on good paintbrushes and rollers. Don’t forget the items below:

  • Paint roller extension poles
  • Paint trays
  • Drop clothes
  • Sandpaper
  • Rags
  • Painter’s tape

Most importantly primer and paint.  Sherwin-Williams has numerous favorable options.  Next, pick a couple of paint colors and pick a spot on your wall to paint a sample. Okay, you’ve got that step in. Now you have much more to go.

Prepare The Room

What’s next? Grab that furniture and push. Push it all the way out of the room. If that is not an option, push all the furniture into the middle of the room and cover it with a drop cloth or a large plastic drop. It is very important to protect the items in your home. Then remove all plates you have on your outlets and light switches, be sure to tape the screws onto the plate so you do not lose them. Next, cover all the open outlets and switches with painter’s tape. This paint job needs to look perfect!. A professional look is an even painted look, NOT MESSY. Does this sound like fun yet? Remember, when this is all said and done, you will have to put everything back.

It’s very time consuming and hard when you are doing this all alone.  Not every wall is going to be nice and smooth, there might be some repairing to do.  Get that sandpaper out and even out that horrible spackling job you did for that hole in the wall. Painter’s tape, now that is a life saver. You can use it to make designs or you can use it for trimming. Again, you want even.


Finally, you’re ready to put paint the wall. Did you put the primer on? Because that needs to go on first. Done? Okay, NOW you can paint that fabulous color on. But wait! Did you know there are many different painting techniques? I can sit here and type on and on to tell you how, but why? Get a pro! With all the money, time and effort you put into this, Umbarè would have swept you away with your project affordably, efficiently, professionally and beyond expectation. Accent Wall? They do it all. Let the professionals at this, their hands were made for it. They will bring your vision to life.

Why DIY when Umbarè Home Remodeling in Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Longboat Key and greater Sarasota can bring all your visions to life with expert remodeling for your home.  Let your colors come alive.

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