Add Value to Your Home by Doing These 5 Simple Things

One of the best financial opportunities to “kill two birds with one stone” comes when you are having a home improvement task performed. This is because not only do you get the chance to add or make a change to something you already wanted, you can also increase its overall value should you ever want to sell it or get a home equity loan.

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Modern Kitchen Design

So to help you find the type of project that helps your home in more way that one, the knowledgeable folks here at Umbarè thought we would put together this list of 5 suggestions that can improve the value of your home:

Replace the Roof

Most homeowners rarely even consider their roof as an option when doing remodeling jobs. But the fact is, it can add significant value, as well as numerous other benefits.

Renovate the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the first things people want to look at when purchasing a home. A Full Kitchen Remodel is also one of the most popular renovations.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Adding heated flooring systems, materials which heat and cool easier, as well as solar panels and other green energy options offer a world of advantages both financially and environmentally.

Create Multi-use Rooms

Open Multi-use Room

More open-floor designs or ones which would be easily convertible are becoming increasingly in-demand.

Install a Home Stair Lift

This increases mobility for guests and opens up purchasing options for families with disabilities or seniors with limited ability to walk stairs.

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Learn more about how changing the look and design of your home can not only increase value and livability, but also how it can add to its charm and eye appeal. Stop in and meet the home renovation and remodeling experts at Umbarè. Our office is located at 8429 Lorraine Rd. Suite #433 Lakewood, FL 34202. You can also reach us over the phone by dialing 833-986-2273.

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    Why An Accent Wall?

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    Home Accent Walls

    Home Accent Walls? Why not? A piece of art custom-made for your home? I don’t think you can go wrong. It can be as simple as just painting one wall a different color. Give it an accent!

    The beauty of  home accent walls is that you can think out of the box and bring a new face to your home. A new personality to warm, calm, spunk, or brighten up a room. You know you’ve always wanted to be stylish. Well, why not start in your home? Paint that one wall or why not two out of the four with another color and the rest another. A metallic gold wall in a bedroom brings elegance, love, compassion, and a sense of glamour. When taking on two walls instead of just one with a dark salmon color and the other two a light olive-green color, you bring hope, harmony, and happiness. Color is an art. You can find so many shades of what will fill your fancy with paint. Sherwin-Williams Paint is to name one. Be a trendsetter!

    Think Smart

    Who would have known Alexa can turn on your LED lights that glow on your home accent wall? You can turn your lights off and let your LED lights bring a different mood to your room. It can also act as a night light in a child’s bedroom.

    Let’s Make This Dynamic

    One wall seems to be a trend. Get out that Rustic Barn Wood and let the professionals turn it into art. Umbarè Home Remodeling can do the trick with Shiplap. You can set one wall with Rustic Barn Wood in any room. That’s the beauty of a home accent wall, you can do it anywhere. Even your ceilings.

    A shiplap home accent wall can also be put on your kitchen island. Accent walls can be created onto any flat surface. Be creative and you will find magic.

    Dimension Dimension Dimension

    Bored of those flat plain walls? Impact a room, by installing innovative home accent walls with 3D panels. There are many different patterns, colors, and dimensions. This screams CREATIVITY. What mind is more beautiful than a creative one? We all have a beautiful mind. Just put it into gear without fear and let it roll.

    A Stacked Stone Wall is another style that has dimensions and texture. What better way to make this style realistic? Do it with stacked stones. Or maybe some tile? Bring the outdoors to your walls and let it nurture your home. Have an outdoor patio that needs a facelift? Paint the walls a vibrant color, let it pop!

    Elite Accent Wall

    Now, this is where you can also make your home look like it was taken out of a magazine. Go ahead take a leap and take that extra step by adding an electric fireplace with LED lighting under your TV. Control the heat without moving out of your seat by pressing that button on that remote control.

    Put a shelf on your wall made of glass, or metal, or get more inventive and put a stone shelf. Everyone needs a shelf in their life. Don’t want a nightstand in your bedroom? Then get that modern shelf installed on your wall next to your bed instead. Now that’s neat.

    Just The Molding

    You don’t have to completely change up your wall, you can create a new look by putting molding on your wall. Definitely has a sleek look.

    Style, Decorate and Enjoy

    So many minds in this world… so much creativity. Take that and bring it to your home. Style, decorate, and enjoy, for it’s your home.

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    UMBARÈ Home Remodeling offers a wide range of accent wall services custom-designed to fit your lifestyle. Call us to schedule a free in-home consultation at 833-986-2273.

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